Contracting Businesses

  1. Kleening Systems Unlimited
    6191 Ludington #907
    Houston, TX.
    Contact: Robert Tracy Warren
    Title: Owner
    Phone: (713) 723-9955
    Fax: (713) 723-9955
    Posted September 20, 1998

  2. P.O. Box 42792
    Philadelphia, PA 19101
    Phone: (215)998-3063
    Contact: Ronald F. Smith, P.E.

    Appropriate Technology, Inc. is an engineering and management consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of appropriate solutions to technological problems. The firm focuses on a labor intensive methodology which utilizes flexible unit operations to produce goods close to the marketplace. The firm also provides computer-related services.

P.O. Box 42792
Philadelphia, PA. 19101
Attention: Ronald F. Smith, P.E.

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